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Year 10

Year 10

Stage 5

Pattern of Study


·        Mandatory Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Australian History & Geography, PDHPE & Sport.

·        Hoxton Hub

·        Careers

2 x 200 hour Elective Subjects: Food Technology, Manufacturing, Information Software & Technology, Japanese, Physical Activity & Sports Studies, Agriculture, Commerce, Industrial Technology Timber, Music, Photography & Digital media and Visual Arts

For further information regarding the subjects listed above – The “Curriculum & Activities” tab has a link to each faculty that will have greater detail on the units of work taught. 

In addition to the mandatory curriculum (English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE (Australian History & Geography) and PDHPE), students study two 200-hour elective courses to make up the hours of study needed to obtain a Record of Student Achievement (RoSA). We also offer an additional 100-hour elective course that further supports student engagement and achievement and the transition to senior schooling.


What elective subjects currently run?

X elective: Agriculture, Industrial Technology Timber, Information Softwares and Technology, Japanese, Physical Activity and Sports and Visual Arts.

Y elective: Commerce, Food Technology, Music, Photography & Digital Media, Manufacturing and Physical Activity and Sports.


Maintaining good study habits is important this year.

Self-motivation and self-management is vital for senior students preparing for their HSC. It is important for students to settle into a good study routine early in the year, and learn to set priorities and develop strong time management skills. Help your child set priorities and manage their time.


Students are able to approach any teacher at any time for support and assistance. Staff that liaise the most with Year 10 are the Year 10 Deputy Principal Mr Cole, the Year Advisor Mrs Tandog and the Assistant Year Advisor Ms Ammon. 

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