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Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Expectations

The Hoxton Honour Code is a set of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) expectations which all students are to abide by as successful and productive members of the school community. The Hoxton Honour Code is part of a whole-school positive behaviour approach which defines, teaches and encourages expected behaviours and enforces effective classroom practice.

Teachers and staff use positive behaviour language to reinforce school rules and the Hoxton Honour Code by teaching, monitoring and reviewing expected student behaviours. At a school-wide level staff collaborate to ensure universal preventions and strategies to encourage positive behaviour are well-communicated and consistently achieved. A PBL team in the school meet regularly to train new staff, collect and analyse school data, make strategic decisions to align to school plans and build systems for family and community awareness and engagement.

Students should refer to the full version of the Hoxton Honour Code in the Hoxton Park High School, which outlines what it means to be a Safe, Respectful and Active Learner in achieving success within HPHS classrooms, playground and local community. The Merit Award System is also linked to the Hoxton Honour Code and promotes positive behaviour and achievement when students display high expectations and exemplify the Hoxton Honour Code in their everyday behaviour.

The 2018 Hoxton Park High School Honour Code can be found here HPHSHoxtonHonourCode


At Hoxton Park High School we aim to ensure that all learning environments are safe and supportive and students are immersed in a positive culture. We expect all students to be safe, respectful and responsible and an active learner. We also have these standards for our Staff who upholds the Positive Behaviour for learning motto. However, we do have a desk system implemented as our whole school discipline policy.

Procedure of Desk System can be found hereĀ HPHS Desk System


Hoxton Park High School is strongly committed to a policy of encouraging and rewarding achievement in all aspects of the school life. For achievement within and outside the classroom, a graduated system of awards is used. Students are encouraged to work towards achieving the school's highest awards by 'trading' awards at one level for an award at the next highest level.

Merit Awards may be awarded for displaying the Values, Expectations and Achievements that Hoxton Park High School has identified as targets including Academic, Leadership, School Services, Sport and PBL.

The Merit Award Flow Chart can be found hereĀ HPHS Merit System