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Wellbeing Policy


At Hoxton Park High School the welllbeing of all students is our primary focus and is delivered through a variety of programs designed to support the social and emotional needs of students. The welfare team is composed of the Principal, Deputy Principals, Head Teacher Wellbeing, Year Advisors, Assistant Year Advisors, Student Support Officer, the School Chaplain, the Supervisor of Girls and the School Counsellors.

Our students are supported through focused programs and activities coordinated by caring, enthusiastic and qualified staff.

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Wellbeing Policy

It is the policy of this school that good discipline and caring welfare should underpin quality learning in our school community. Belonging to a school community teaches young people about relationships and values. In this sense the school is a supportive unit, fostering better mental health, wellbeing and resilience.  Feelings of connection to the school community help our students to:

  • Achieve full academic, creative and sporting potential.
  • Attain cultural identity and value diverse cultures
  • Make better choices.
  • Positive (rather than coercive) practices to "motivate" and "include" students
  • Value peers, teachers, family and others.
  • Think logically.
  • Active participation in learning.
  • Appropriate and cooperative behaviour based on mutual respect.
  • Become self-reliant and resilient.
  • Cope with stress and frustration.
  • Develop positive future relationships.

Positive Behaviour for Learning is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behaviour. Our School has developed and actively promotes practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behaviour, and establish a positive school culture.

The Hoxton Park High School Wellbeing Policy can be found here: Wellbeing Policy

Positive Behaviour for Learning

At our school, we use Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) – a whole-school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and develop. Our whole school community works together to establish expected behaviours and teach them to all students.